Delivering actionable insights via interactive visualizations

Data visualizations can make a huge difference to decode the trends and patterns that would otherwise continue unnoticed in a report format. Visualizations via – interactive dashboards, scorecards, heatmaps, charts, graphs and more enhance the end user understanding and better decision-making process. At ScriptStory, we provide business intelligence solutions using interactive dashboards provided with complex analytics including real-time geo-mapping, timeline analysis, and predictive analytics.

ScriptStory BI and Consulting Services

  • Analyzing & Reporting- Get interactive dashboards designed according to your business requirements, data visualization tools to mine deeper into the data, and analyze geospatial data
  • Interactive Business Intelligence Applications- Enhance user experience by visually navigating through data that helps extract the maximum intelligence out of any given data set for actionable insights
  • Self-Service BI- Make key decisions quickly and gain insights by developing rapid reports, and visualize data without having to involve the IT
  • Data Preparation- Transform, cleanse, and consolidate raw data into a form that can readily be analyzed and turned into greater business insights

Key Data Move Use Cases

Sales Analytics
Health Analytics
Operational Analytics
Customer Support Analytics
Customer Churn Analytics
Marketing Analytics
Finance Analytics
Real Estate Analytics

Why ScriptStory?

  • Cross Industry
  • 100+ satisfied customers
  • Leverage pre built visualizations
  • Leverage decades of experience in industry, business and process