Let us face it. On-premise and/or legacy is thing of the past. At ScriptStory, we possess well defined and documented methodology to truly digitize and transform your journey to cloud. Given each company’s complexity with respect to industry and technology stack – we try to fully understand and provide pragmatic execution plan irrespective of what you are trying to accomplish – one-time migration to cloud, integration between on-premise to cloud, tech refreshes and upgrades, and/or general enhancements.

Key Data Move Use Cases

On-premise Datawarehouse to Cloud Datawarehouse
On-premise Application to Cloud Data Platform
Build new Cloud Datawarehouse and move application data to Cloud Datawarehouse
A Cloud Platform to B Cloud Platform

Accelerators to Perform Migrations

  • Leverage industry and solution-based templates and guides
  • Identify On-Premise data sources and drive demand
  • Perform necessary data cataloging, data profiling
  • Ensure and Fix the data quality – defects, fuzzy logics, consistency, and integrity
  • Develop Migration Workflow
  • Implement workflow

Data Migration Advisory and Consulting

Provide high level guidance and strategy to migrate from on Premise to Cloud Data warehouse. It includes

  • Current Assessment of your existing landscape
  • Industry Leading Practices
  • Roadmap
  • Recommendations – Cloud platform comparisons, pricing comparison, pluses and minuses for each platform

Flavors of Cloud database migration

  • Systems Migration- Migrate your inhouse applications, web apps, and platforms.
  • Apps and Websites- Not happy with your current provider. We will help you move to better and faster cloud hosting.
  • Database Migration- Migrate from one database to another. Migrate your existing database from one provider to another provider. We handle all database objects including tables, views, queries, stored procedures, functions etc.
  • Set up or move your middleware- Stuck with middleware which cannot scale, do not have connectors and does not support your schema. We help you move from older schemas to new schemas and help you connect one application to another via cloud based ETL technologies.

Why ScriptStory?

Provide high level guidance and strategy to migrate from on Premise to Cloud Data warehouse. It includes

  • Clients with decades of database experience
  • Clients with strong expertise in Cloud Platforms
  • We excel in database administration and development
  • Referenceable clients