A multinational provider of Digital, IT Services and Solutions with over 20,000 employees, headquartered in California, USA, were accessing their data from an on-premise data warehouse to generate Business Intelligence (BI) reports.

Considering the advantages of a cloud-based data warehouse, the company wanted to move their on-premise data warehouse to a modern cloud-based data warehouse. Data Semantics advised the company to choose Microsoft Azure Data Warehouse for its benefits and ease-of-migration.

Benefits of migrating to Cloud (Microsoft Azure Data Warehouse):
  • Improved IT resource management
  • Better mobility and reduced dependency on premises
  • Modern technology and constantly updated ecosystem
  • Decreased IT expenditure in maintaining legacy systems

Although the above benefits are more generic in nature, the important reasons to migrate to Cloud are the benefits of moving to an MPP (Massively Parallel Processing) System from an SMP (Symmetrically Parallel) Systems.

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