Technologies and platforms driving those algos continue to evolve and change, however, algorithms and fundamentals remain constant.

At ScriptStory, we excel and recommend in few tools, and if we do not know, we learn and learn fast. Few data science utilities we leverage include

We tell better, brighter stories with your data. If your data’s got it, flaunt it. Maximize impact and tell a compelling story. We build dashboard for multiple experiences.

With following technologies, we develop Funnels, Maps, Gauges, Timelines, Donut multiples, Sankey, Treemap, Combined Charts, and other excel like visualizations.

Databases and data warehouses continue to evolve. On-premise data warehouse concept is almost extinct. We normalize and deformalize. We do star and snowflake. We aggregate and do drilldown.

Everything needs couplers, connectors, pipelines to integrate two disparate applications, databases, data lakes or in simple terms data sources. Yes, we configure connectors and establish pipelines to ensure the continuous data flow.

Very soon, we believe, these words will be commodity. We are empowering in organic things to be intelligent We live in data, we develop training data, build algorithms so that machines can evolve and take better decisions.