We primarily design and develop complex web modules such content managements systems, customer relationship management engines, e-commerce shopping carts, social networking platforms, inventory management modules custom built to be easily integrated with websites. We provide a host of other standalone web based applications, open source plugins, API’s and modules to act as technology backbone or facilitator for various web design, technology and creative agencies.

E-commerce shopping carts
Social networking platforms
Inventory management modules

Working Domains:

Agriculture & Solar Power

We have developed automated Greenhouse solutions with specially designed solar panel as louvers controlled by Cloud based IT solution. We have developed various components including microcontrollers, MCH(IoT), Linear Actuator etc. Based upon crop & GPS location, the system automatically control Solar panels direction along with ambient temperature & humidity required for the crop.

AR based solution for WMS

The system is developed as middleware that can be integrated with any existing application like SAP, Microsoft NAV etc. The middleware take instructions from the existing WMS through APIs & pass it to the AR based glasses to track the products list & action upon each product. It guide the worker to go to a particular rack, take action(pickup, drop etc) & update the system when task is performed. The action can be validated by gesture like thumbs up for complete & thumbs down for cancellation of task. The system work with beacons/QR code fixed on racks to identify current location of the worker.

Learning and Education

School ERP Solutions, fully automated futuristic Smart Libraries solutions, education management, information sharing and communication tools, education learning tools that are pushing the boundaries of education.

Wellness and Healthcare

Offers organizations in the Healthcare sector a wide range of services, including application development and maintenance, assets and infrastructure management, enterprise applications and testing & compliance.


Our end-to-end solutions, covering ERP, SCM and CRM, provide clients with a single view of the enterprise and customers.